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Our Capabilities

  Custom Cable Development

  • Complex harness assemblies are created by our Engineering Prototype Team
  • Computer-aided modeling is available for prototype development
  • Mold cavities are fabricated from customer specified parameters
  • The latest technological product designs of components and cables are intregrated into the OEM requirements
  • State of the art design software:
    • Solidworks
    • SurfCam for machine interface
    • Autocad 2000

  In-House Machine Shop

  • In-house machine shop contains a completely independent CAD system
  • Molds are built in-house for the fastest possible turnaround using CNC and EDM equipment

  Molding Capacity

  • Machines such as the Newbury provide multicavity mold capability for numerous interface requirements.
  • Shuttle Mechanisms allow for high productivity
  • Morgan Molding Machines provide for large cavity requirements

  Material Control,Receiving Inspection & Inventory

  • Quality components, including wire and cable every year
  • Raw Materials are closely inspected to ensure high levels of quality
  • Inventory for individual customer requirements

  Cable Preparation

  • Automated equipment provides:
    • - Measuring, cutting, and coiling
    • - Stripping
    • - Jacket removal


  • Insulation Displacement Contract (IDC) termination includes:
    • - D-Subminiature
    • - High Density SCSI Connectors
  • Small wire guage pin and lug termination
  • Crimp & Poke Termination
  • Soldering
    • - PCMCIA
    • - Solder Cup

  Functional Testing

  • Supervisors provide production reviews of product prior to final testing
  • One-hundred percent functional testing is performed
  • Test machines from Cirrus and others are used to ensure quality
  • Inspection for termination integrity

 EMI Shielding

  • Metal back shell or premold and foiling provide an EMI shield design which is integral with the connector
  • Various shielding concepts are available
  • Garantee 360 degrees copper tape solder connection


  • Wire layouts fixtures are used for flat lamination
  • Used to improve strain relief and the termination process

 Ultrasonic Welding

  • Welds various plastic components into an integral assembly

  Final Testing & Inspection

  • Special adapters are used to test all harness cable assemblies
  • Final visual inspection
  • Customer Acceptance Quality Level greater than 99 percent
  • Certifications including NSAI 9002, CSA, UL and a recipient of Corporate Supplier Excellence Awards

  Labeling & Shipping

  • Customized printing & labeling to identify cables are available utilizing in house pad printers.
  • Customer specified shipping containers can be designed
  • Bar Code equipment identifies each shipping container
  • Personalized delivery or freight shipments are available


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