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About Us

The cabling industry is filled with companies that build custom cable assemblies for industry OEMs. Most of those suppliers have only one core capability, making them attractive in very specific situations. There are the well established ISO-certified assembly  houses and the "garage shop" price leaders. There are the hungry newcomers looking to gain a foothold, and the industry powerhouses who command the highest price for their  vast experience. There are some that invest very little in technical resources and others that are burdened with the cost of an extensive arsenal of engineering personnel. For many, their focus is  creating new cable designs quickly with complete prototyping, while others rely on their low costmanufacturing capability.

The industry seems to have it covered, with one exception. Most OEM customers  desire all theseattributes at various stages in their product's life  cycle. As a customer, you are often balancing multiple suppliers to meet the current cabling needs of your business.

Are you looking for that One Source who can provide for all of your
custom connectivity needs?

Look no further. Our company is the One Source OEMs are looking for to meet their cabling needs. We feature the strengths of quick design services and prototyping that are critical in supporting an engineering effort during new product development. Our facility features a state-of-the-art machine shop utilizing CAD/CAM, EDM and CNC equipment to  design and fabricate custom mold tooling. It's fast and dependable. Low to medium volume assembly work can also be manufactured.

It gets better. Our service offering is complete with the  addition of our offshore affiliate manufacturing facility. Combined with decades of experience designing and supplying  cabling solutions in the OEM marketplace, we can compete with anyone in the world on high volume business.

Our Value Proposition to the Customer

We will provide custom cabling solutions to our customers that involve unique designs, prototyping and manufacturing quickly, at a competitive price, and with the highest quality. This service provides  our customer the ability to enter their market with the most effective cost model and on schedule.

One phone call, one vendor, one way to go from design to delivery for your cable solution.

We are not the only manufacturer of cable solutions out there, but we believe we have the rightcombination of experience, commitment, capability, engineering,  equipment, and process control to be the ultimate OEM cable solution provider. This serves as the foundation of our Total Cable Management guarantee. It allows you to focus on your business and your customer's require-ments, while we take ownership of the cable...from design to delivery. It also reflects our  value system - the way we do business - and passes the benefits on to our customers. Our valuesystem is reflected in the people we attract and employ, from our connectivity consultants that will provide project management for your solution from start to finish, to our design engineersand factory employees. Everyone at our company knows that the customer is the driving force behind our ongoing success.

We also know that your needs may be unique and different. Therefore, we pledge a genuine interest in understanding your business, leading ultimately to trust, trust in our people, ourcapabilities, and our commitment to you.

We  are your One  Source for custom cabling solutions.  


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